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  • Workshop on EFT and Violence: Fighting for a Safer Connection

Workshop on EFT and Violence: Fighting for a Safer Connection

  • September 09, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom


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  • We want to address the unconscious, systemic racism that has resulted in a lack of diversity in EFT trainings in Pittsburgh and the EFT world. This rate is designed to encourage participation from people from underrepresented groups whose presence will enrich the training experience for everyone.

    This rate is available for anyone who fits the following criteria: Those who identify with an underrepresented group (ex: clinicians of color) and/or those who work with historically marginalized communities.

Workshop on EFT and Violence: Fighting for a Safer Connection

Presented by: 

Jef Slootmaeckers
, certified EFT therapist, EFT Supervisor and trainer in training

Lieven Migerode, certified EFT supervisor and trainer

Workshop will be held using Zoom with presenters joining us all the way from Belgium! 

*We are removing the Externship requirement! We hope that you can read Attachment Theory in Practice or familiarize yourself with basics tenants of EFT before this workshop*

In this workshop Jef and Lieven draw on decades of clinical experience and research findings to introduce a roadmap for how we can understand intimate partner violence from an attachment lens and  how we can use EFT in helping these couples to fight for a better connection. 

Research shows that intimate partner violence occurs frequently in couples, especially in those seeking couples therapy. However,  the subject of violence often remains hidden from the therapist. If it is disclosed, couples are often refused therapy and told they must get help first stopping the violence before engaging in couples therapy. However, in many couples, the violence is inextricably linked to the heavy negative interaction patterns that plague all couples who come for help. These patterns that include violence form an especially difficult challenge for many therapists in working with these couples. 

Even when the violence between the partners is the reason they are seeking help, these couples mostly want us, therapists, to work towards a safer relationship where they can stay together and where the violence stops. How can this be approached when violence is often seen as a contraindication for couple’s therapy and EFT? Based on new scientific knowledge about intimate partner violence and their experience, Lieven and Jef worked together to come to a better understanding of this difficult relational drama. 

Jef Slootmaeckers, certified EFT therapist, EFT Supervisor and trainer in training works 14 years with partner violence. He specializes in EFT and couple violence. Over the last few years, Jef trained several teams in working with these highly reactive and violent couples.  Together with Lieven Migerode he published  several articles about partner violence and couple therapy. He is a member of ICEEFT.

Lieven Migerode, certified EFT supervisor and trainer introduced Sue Johnson in Belgium on the occasion of the Good Enough Couple Congress in 2006. He published earlier on the subject of partner violence and love. Lieven is a member of  ICEEFT. He published articles and a book on the subject of love. Migerode,L (2015). Hoe blijf je gelukkig in je relatie. Tielt: Lannoo. ( I love you: how to stay happy in your relationship)

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